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Mark Monroe Gibson

  1. 01 Saint Dismas Mark Gibson 3:47
  2. 02 Hosea_s Hand Mark Gibson 4:01
  3. 03 (Who Wants To Go) Drinking Tonight Mark Gibson 4:33
  4. 04 Dixie In A Minor Key Mark Gibson 3:51



Old People Gettin’ It On


St. Dismas


Blue Bourbon Overalls


Dixie in a Minor Key


Hosea’s Hand

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Mark Gibson’s love for the craft of songwriting and the depth of his feelings for humanity’s challenges has led him to reluctantly embrace his power as a performer. Mark holds no interest in dazzling his audiences with flashy guitar chops or acrobatic instrumental techniques. His solid roots-based approach to guitar is delivered to serve and accompany his incisive, insightful lyrics. With a keen wit, balanced occasionally with compassion, Mark offers thought-provoking story songs filled with charismatic, unusual, and sometimes flawed characters that give listeners an unconventional perspective on everyday life.

His songs provoke a reflective state of mind, while his mastery of language and wry humor often evoke a twist of a smile or out-loud laughter, at the same time always delivering an emotional punch.

In 2019, drawn by its scenic majesty and lack of humidity, Mark abandoned his deep southern roots and relocated to Colorado to partake of and participate in the area’s remarkable acoustic music scene.

With an impressive body of original work and a few carefully curated covers, Mark steps forward into the role of a performer with a spirit of adventure and a desire to have an impact on those willing to listen.


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