Manny he come from the ghetto

Like in some old Elvis Presley song

Down the south side of some city

To some man he’s never known

Just where Bucky he called home

No one would wanna say

Cause he was doing time near Cherokee when he finally got away

Then there was the Angel, who loved him just the same Even though she tried her best ain’t it funny how it seems Sometimes things just happen, ain’t that just the way it goes?

The only thing for certain seems are things you never know

So Manny he slipped in the alley off the backside of that road looking to maybe cut a deal and try and keep it all down low

As reflections of temptation danced beneath the old street lamp

Bucky felt the tide start turning against the walls of circumstance

So Manny he was crossing over

About the time Bucky doubled back

Trying to keep the wheels turning and the needle on the track

And in an old rundown apartment just outside of town

Angel’s singing for their supper and a little wine to wash it down

It was getting on around toward midnight when Bucky started heading for the door

Said he was on heading back downtown to settle up one last score

Manny turned to the Angel who was dancing in the hall For a die to land where its cast sometimes you’ve got to bet it all And ‘fore the morning line it was humming somebody was bound to fall

For reasons lost only on the ones who can recall

Yeah Sometimes things just happen ain’t that just the way it goes?

The only thing for certain seems are things we’ll never know

It was “Just a Closer Walk with Thee ” I heard some trumpets moan When Manny said he was heading out and Angel wouldn’t tell us too much more

As the days go by I’ve wondered what cards Bucky could’ve played

But what’s it matter to me if it even matters anyway?