I can still remember all those night down by the lake

Waiting in the back of an old blue Chevrolet

We’d sneak down to the Pack n Sack

Across the railroad tracks

To try and muster a little courage from Mr. Boone and Mr. Pabst

Who wants to go drinking tonight?

Who wants to go drinking tonight?

Come the morning everything gonna be all right

Who wants to go drinking tonight?

Wendy she got married, settled down then lost a child Said she figures that’s probably when the whole thing headed south Says she couldn’t take the mornings, or one more of those nights Believing we’re only victims of our own compromise

Then she says it’s funny how through this old dirty windshield

She can still feel that warm sunshine

And it I could she says, she might still be waiting on me

It ain’t nothing but a line That keeps her on my mind

The wheels of time they’re bound to keep on turning

Taking us all somewhere a little further on down the line

But when you find some faded love lost on the bad road of your mind Be thankful for the ones that can still lend you a smile